Our strategic view

The world has unique opportunities to attain unimaginable wealth, and our investments are founded on the belief that the world will grasp these opportunities. Every year 85 million people leave poverty behind them as a result of this progress. How is this possible?
We live in a shrinking world. The IT revolution and increasing trade deregulation make the world spin more smoothly. Outsourcing is made easier and less risky, boosting trade and wealth creation in the long run. Trade is one of the most powerful growth engines in the world. Increasing trade and robust communication tools allow know-how to be spread far and wide. Fast. Emerging Markets capitalize on these advantages.
Furthermore, technology increases the creative destruction, making way for more efficient ways to conduct business, making things cheaper for consumers thereby increasing their wealth. Note that this can be achieved with the use of fewer resources. More efficient engines, other type of consumption by using your mobile telephone, uses less materials and energy. Just look at how cheap air travelling or a telephone call is today